Services I provide:

Tiffany providing doula services

Serving in Salt Lake County:

Birth Doula Services:

  • Once hired, I provide 2 prenatal visits (more visits upon request for an additional fee)
  • Work closely with the mother to create a birth preference plan
  • Available & on call for questions, concerns, or comfort support 24/7 from 37 wks
  • Provide physical and emotional support during labor and birth
  • Remain during initial postpartum period, or until mother and baby are settled
  • Help mother and baby with initial breast feeding and proper latch
  • On call for breastfeeding support for problems or questions that may arise
  • Provide 1 postpartum home visit 4-6 weeks postpartum
  • Available to take pictures or video's of the birth if desired

My birth doula fee: $800

Belly Casting

Belly Casting

I provide a belly casting in the comfort of your home for a fee of $75.00 the casting looks best about your 37th week of pregnancy. This includes all the materials. Please allot 1-2 hours for the session. The casting is left with you to embellish it further if you so desire. I'm happy to do it whenever you request. Please contact me to schedule your appointment.

Placenta Encapsulation Services:

My Placenta Encapsulation fee: $250.00

I accept payments by cash, check, credit card, and debit card.


"I hired Tiffany to be my Placenta Encapsulator Specialist. She was knowledgeable and passionate about this service she offered and it excited me to do it and receive all the wonderful benefits it has to offer. I definitely didn't want to miss out, and Im glad I didn't! They helped in all the ways they promised! Upon receiving my placenta pills, I was in awe of the beautiful packaging she had presented them in; a blue glass jar with a label identifying these were mine, listed the benefits of consumption, and dosage. Attached to the jar was my sons dried umbilical cord in a laced up gift bag to which I have placed in his scrapbook as a keepsake. I could tell Tiffany had put a lot of honoring, energy, and care in her service to me. I will always feel eternally grateful to have had this service available to me and blessed to have had the wonderful,amazing, caring person Tiffany is. Thanks Tiffany, you have touched our lives so beautifully forever!!! P.S. She will be my Doula at my next birth:)" - C.S.
" Tiffany is an outstanding birth professional! She was the doula at my sons birth in 2009, which ended up being an unplanned c-section. Even though it was obvious that my birth was headed towards a c-section she still worked hard to help me get the natural vaginal birth that I dreamed of. She was so supportive before and after the c-section making sure I was comfortable and that breastfeeding was established. I was unable to hold my child for the first couple of hours after birth so she held him to my breast, this meant the world to me. In 2012 she was my first pick to be my doula for my daughters birth, but unfortunately was unable do to classes she was taking. Fortunately, she was available to encapsulate my placenta, which she picked up and dropped off herself before I even left the hospital. Tiffany is professional, but at the same time caring, loving and friendly. If you are having a baby you would be crazy NOT to hire Tiffany." - Lindsay Newlin
" Tiffany encapsulated my placenta around the end of September. I am now just running out. I NEED MORE!! Just kidding (kind of) I believe these magic little capsules of love made the first 3 months of having a new baby completely delightful! (it helps that baby Cole sleeps through the night and has since 6 weeks) I have so much energy and a really great outlook in general. I really feel these capsules made all the difference. I look back on how I was with my first baby and wish I would encapsulated his placenta too! My husband doesn't want anymore kids so no more placenta for me. Thank you so much for providing this service. If only every new mom knew about how amazing it really is everyone would do it. I will recommend you to everyone I know who is having a baby. People still think I'm crazy but if they only knew." - Chelsea S.